It's called the Kitchen Banquette

I've gone over to Elements of Style and finally had a name for my dining room wish list. Not exactly vintage, but I am hoping I can work in some unique vintage textiles into the upholstery when I make this into a reality.

I've seen photos of sofas, corner padded seats around a dining table and fell for the cosy look. In smaller houses, like here in London, most rooms are multi-purpose. In our flat, where we have an open plan dining/lounge/kitchen/study, the dining table doubles as a work table extension. Alternately housing work clutter or kitchen counter clutter.

So, a kitchen banquette sounds very practical to me. Somewhere to curl up with a good book. Lounge around with the morning news (digital, of course) and coffee. Talk all night with a glass of wine (where you can put your feet up and not get a sore bum). Or an extra place for work when the work table gets piled up with paper.

Image from Aparment Therapy

Image from Apartment Therapy

Image From Metropolitan Home 

Though I am a bit more partial to the built-in nooks as I envision storage space under the seats and less dusting behind and under sofas.

Image from Apartment Therapy

 Image from Kitchen & Bath Design