it is spring!


and maybe it has been spring for a while now. The sun is almost always out at noon and the birds have been consistenly waking me up in the mornings ( I really think some of them are mimicking alarm clocks noises!). But I am looking forward to beautiful flowers in window boxes.

Image from Syd and Goose

because I badly need coffee


I consider coffee one of life's little pleasures. And though I don't indulge in it too much (two at most a day), I will find it almost impossible to give it up completely. I have not had coffee yet, I hope this will sustain me for a bit longer...

Image from Etsy via Jurianne Matter

London Terraces


I love living in London. But I still wish I can live in zone 1 and in falts and terraces like these.



Milkglass set against a blue wall - striking.

Image from Wikimedia Commons

perfect white bedroom


Lovely guest house from The Little Cottage. And you can book a getaway there too!

Image from The Little Cottage

grunge up your old bedsheets


I believe in mending and making do. Besides I don't like wasting resources. Littles holes on bedsheets can still be mended and look at this lovely idea from Design Sponge.

Image from Design Sponge



I am absolutely loving this chair. I have seen it in a few vintage shops and in various blogs. I have no idea what it's called. But I can imagine myself cocooned in there for hours with a good book with my feet up and hot tea at the table.

spinning wheels


I think they're gorgeous. But they will serve no practical purpose for me. As I don't intend to start learning to spin my own yarns. But, no harm in looking.

Apples and apple cakes


I do like them. But I am just way too lazy to eat them. They're more than just good for me, it eases my period pains a lot (ok, a bit too much information for some of you). Whenever I see them starting to go bad in my countertops, I bake an apple cake.

Not really home designs nor vintage love. But there is something grandmotherly about apple cakes and apple pies.

I follow the recipe at All Recipes. But I halve the sugar and use brown sugar instead of caster (but I like my cakes not too sweet). I use about 5 gala apples, roughly only 300g all cored and chopped. And I never put salt in my cakes (some of you might disagree on that, but I do that when I bake for myself. I don't notice the difference anyway!).

This is a very gooey cake, and will easily fall apart. But I soon forget that when I settle down with it my tea.

My Colours


I love whites and grays and neutrals.

My base colour is alwasy white. Because it's fresh. And you add these wonderful colours on top and it will always be summer.
Image from Brabourne Farm

And greys and blue-greys
Can you drop me an email if you have any idea where this picture is from?



Today is not looking like it will be a very good day. I am supposed to start living my daydreams of my home in Manila. I had not been back for 3 long years. But the ash clouds are standing in the way.

I am supposed to start spending time with my family after my grandmother's death and stay until her 40th day death anniversary - we have this is a tradition of celebrating the 40th day as we believe it is the time the earth-bound soul of the departed finally leaves this earth and goes into heaven. It will be a bittersweet time. A time for those who are left behind to start moving on and learn to celebrate the departed's life.

Now, I content myself with looking at pictures of my grandmother's home.

Floor art anyone?


Though this particular design doesn't exactly appeal to me, I think it's a great idea. I would love a design that would look better with a few scratches. After all, I wouldn't like floors I would be afraid to step on.

Image from Home Beautiful Magazine via Ada & Darcy



I'm looking around Brooke Gianetti's blog. And...sigh...some people are just so lucky. If you haven't been stalking her blog like I do, she's got a really lovely home and is an absolutely talented designer. I drool over the photos in her blog most of the time.

Anyway, she is currently in Venice. And I am reminiscing my time in this most wonderful of cities.

If this looks familiar, this is my the image behind the text in my button.

My love affair with old stuffs goes much farther than when I started this blog

colourful Burano



I remember having walls like these. But most of the time you have thin layer of wood on top of it. It never occured to me that you can strip it out and just leave it exposed to be used as rather thin shelves. Something to keep in mind!

Have globe will travel


I'm remembering a childhood dream. I have always wanted one of these big globes, I want to spin them round and round and make it stop and point. Where I point is where I will be travelling to next.

Yes, I still dream that I can do that.

Furniture for Life


Do you buy ikea furniture only for it to last a few years? Do you change the whole living room furniture every 5 years or less?

Whilst furniture can be affected by fashion, I don't believe in spending money only to be discarded later on. I have my share of flat-packed furniture from ikea and argos. We took care of them and they did last 5 years and we made some money back when we sold them. I still love ikea for accessories and argos for the bits and pieces around the home.

But slowly, I will be buying furniture for life. Choose designs that are classic. Buy vintage or antiques tha have stood the test of time. Solid wood. Steel. Leather. Materials that gets better with age.

Have a read at I Want Vintage's January Newsletter (I know it's already April, but their logic is never out of date).

step back in time


It made me think of a Harry Potter scene. But at the same time it's one of those places where there seems to be a treasure in every corner.

I think it's surreal and romantic at the same time. Like stepping back in time. More antique finds over there at Country French Antiques.

Of old letters and religion


It was only recently that I've known of the story of behind this religious statuette of Jesus. It has always sat in the mantel at my grandmother's home, right next to my grandfather's photo.

My grandfather's letter tells a story. He found a religious scapular  by the road and this has been with him for years. It has made him well, quite miraculously, after a nervous breakdown. Saved his life, whilst people around him died (I have assumed this was during the second world war). He has looked all over the country for a scapular just like it so he can give away to friends and family and found none. He made a promise, to have a statue made in its honour if he can manage to raise all his children and give them a good life in the midst of all the hardships during the war. The statue was hand-carved, based from the image in the scapular. My grandfather had it made after a few years living with my uncle and his family in the US.

I love stories. I love family stories. I wished it was one of those my grandmother told me whilst she was still alive.

Large coffee tables


Now, if I had the space, I think there's nothing more luxurious than a large coffee table in the middle of the living area. And I prefer an old and beaten look so I can put down anything on it.

Image from Desire to Inspire 

Image from 24-7pressrelease 

Image from Retro Office 

Another reason to head off to the charity shops...


In the news - Elton John donates clothes to help charity shop opening.