Mixing Modern and Primitive Design


Just don't ask me what is primitive about this home. All I know is it has a lot of elements I love.

2 seating ares in the lounge.
Image from House Beautiful

Large dining table in a bright airy room.
Image from House Beautiful

Blues and greys in the bedroom.
Image from House Beautiful

Only the garden of my dreams.
Image from House Beautiful

home...through someone else's eyes


When homesickness bites you when you least expect it, I content myself going through blogs and photos. And for a while I see myself where others have been and feel what they feel.

This is home for me. Manila. Continents away from London.

Image from Legally Bald Manila 2010 set via Flickr



Right now, I am dreaming of setting foot here. Sipping wine as the sun sets, French food, getting away from it all, even just for a few days. If plans don't fail, and seriously, if this break did not push through after that ashfall ruining our plans last month, I am going to have a breakdown. If plans don't fail, I'll be posting my own photos next month.

Image from Instant Shift
Image from

Camden Walk


I have my favourite spots in London. One of them is the hustle and bustle of the Camden markets on a Saturday. But little did I know that you only need to walk a bit further to find some quiet and solitude. We walked along the canal planning to do some Banksy spotting and found this old church on the way to the London Zoo.

The South Bank


It is one of my favourite places in London on a sunny day - great for people watching or just a good stroll. If you're there, check out the book market, tucked under the Waterloo Bridge on Queen's Walk - second-hand and antique books, maps, illustrations.

colour my stairs



 Image from In My House

Blog Watch: A Beach Cottage


I can't help but be mesmerised by the photos in A Beach Cottage.

All images above are from A Beach Cottage.

Brick vaulted ceiling


Image from Apartment Therapy

To have ceilings like that, what would you not give? Have a look at the rest of the house tour. I am not sure of the high backed chairs though, but that lounge area is absolutely cosy.

Quote of the week


It is my belief, Watson, founded upon my experience, that the lowest and vilest alleys in London do not present a more dreadful record of sin than does the smiling and beautiful countryside.

Sherlock Holmes (by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)
via the Londonist

UK General Elections


I have voted and posted my ballots last week. It does make you feel like the elections last quite a while, waiting almost a full week to know the results.

I am nervous. The UK economy, I feel, is hanging by a thread. The Labour were not delivering, the Conservatives and Lib Dems were too weak.

But now, we have a hung parliament. And I am losing hope.

But, then again, one thing I've learned through the years - it's not only about the government, but also about the people. It's their resiliency, adaptability that will eventually make a difference. So, no, I am not going to roll over and die just because I do not like our leaders.

take me to Sweden now


I also have an unhealthy love for brand new things, especially if they're gleaming white as a lot of stuff in this store - Bruka Design. Spotted them from Chez Larsson's (check out the pictures on her blog and you'll see what I mean)

I am not going to Sweden anytime soon...and I think I just heard my wallet is breathing a sigh of relief.

More images of Bath


The Roman City of Bath


I have been before, so we have missed seeing the "baths" and queuing at Sally Lunn's for lunch on purpose. Instead we've spent time walking by the canal, sampling seafood at the Riverside Cafe and Moon & Sixpence, and listening to DADIO (jazz band) at Gascoyne's place.

Ok, it wasn't all nice, I spent a bit of time stressing over First Great Western invalidating our tickets because we have to catch the next train (where here, if you miss your train and bought advance tickets, you have to buy another set of tickets - SO DON'T BUY ONLINE unless you're absolutely sure you can catch that train!). Sorry. Rant over.