Chopping boards


I think antique chopping boards would look lovely on the kitchen wall. Or sand and refinish them to use again.

Chopping boards made from recycled wood from Tire Swing Designs

Vintage Train Station Signs


Someday, I'll get one of these to adorn my walls...

Image from the Railroad Network

Image from Junk Camp

Image from Joyworks

Organizing idea: corralling clutter


I am quite a fan of Chez Larsson. I love all the whites in her home, the DIYs, but most of all she's got loads of organizing ideas.

Corralling clutter is something I would like to apply more. At the moment, I only have a smoked glass vase in the study corner. Though I wonder if it qualifies as a clutter corrall as most of the stuff in there are pemanent

I organise drawers by re-using plastic takeaway containers. And I use some of these to corrall clutter in the bathroom (but again, they are permanent homes).

I'd like to have one in the kitchen, bedroom, and a catch-all in the entrance. And I love baskets, maybe it's time to look around for pretty baskets.

Sleepy Dover


I was there to sit still at the beach, in spite of the freezing winds. But along the way, I wonder what happened to this town, the crumbling buildings, the quiet Saturday mornings, all telling me this town is a bit past its prime. But it is still full of character.

A marketing idea? Not


Image from Beach Vintage

If you are into vintage or antiques, chances are, one of the previous owners of that lovely furniture is long gone. I can see my mom freaking out. She shudders at the thought that something in her house is going to be haunted.

Antiques Market Find: Rose Earrings


They were £10 from the Spitalfields Market near Liverpool Street. Antiques day is every Thursday. I was a bit wary buying used earrings, but they were silver. So I boiled them and dipped them in disinfectant for days. I lost the clasps (they didn't come with the original clasps) the first day I wore them and had been borrowing better fitting clasps from another pair of earrings. I love them though.

Drying Clothes Victorian Style


We don't have a dryer (not very eco) and the suns is never out enough in England for you to dry out clothes in the washing line outside. I dream of having a laundry/utility room and hang maybe a couple of shelia maids (though picture is not vintage, it's brand new).

A couple of these sunmaids would also come in handy for drying tea towels (again, this is brand new).

Image from Cast in Style

Neutral Colours and Me


Image is Country Living cover via Blueprint Bliss

I love blues and grays and whites. I love how this space features practical and cosy things - sofa with wheels, unmatched side tables and chairs, coffeetable that doubles as a footstool, simple rug, throws and colours on pillows, white walls, wood floors, and lots of natural light. Maybe, I am that - a nester, a bird person.

...wish i can find my own nest soon.

Vintage Style vs. Shabby Chic


I can understand the confusion. I didn't know there was much difference as well. Read this for some enlightenment if you're as clueless as I am.

I do like both. But I wouldn't limit myself to either one. My home is about me, not about following a specific style. Though, we all aspire to be stylish some of the times.

Let me leave you with some photos from the Vintage Decorating pool at flickr...

1. Baúles, 2. found a place for this mirror, 3. Ruby Red Cocktail Shaker, 4. Typewriter and File Drawers

Charity shop find: candlesticks


I think I just might start a candlestick collection....

Vase in the spare room


Remember the vase found in a couple's spare room?

Image from the BBC
Well, it just sold for £750,000.

A real home


I know I have been hanging around Apartment Therapy a lot. I do love the fact that readers get to share their homes. And I just had to keep a reference on this house. And the owners say they found this house after searching for 5 years - we still have hope after all.

A home should be warm and functional. But should still make you feel good as you enter a room. It should have the things you love, things you have picked out yourself. That's why I hate highly stylised rooms - it doesn't say anything about the owners. (Or maybe it does - that the owners aim to please everyone but themselves.)

I'll leave you with this rustic kitchen, which I love, and head on to Apartment Therapy for the house tour.

Image from Apartment Therapy



A bathroom filled with light, a tub, somewhere to park your bath accessories (yes, a vintage chair would do nicely!). This is all I need. Well, maybe a shower as well, as I want to be practical.

Image from Design, Decor

And look at this idea to steal - grab sample tiles, or unpacked and discontinued tiles from your local tile shop, you'd save a fortune on this shower room.
Image from Design, Decor

Dream Kitchen


I think this is the closest I'll get to my dream kitchen. I am still unsure about going all white as I might end up scrubbing grease stains all day. But the kitchen banquette, the endless storage, a kitchen counter on wheels - all makes me say, when do I move in?

Pop over to Elements of Style to look at the rest of this home.
Image from Elle Magazine taken from Elements of Style

Shiny Shimmering Brooches


My mom had quite a few and I have always associated them as being quite old fashioned. But I have been seeing a lot of them lately and they have become more than just an adornment that sits on your lapel.

I love them shiny and sparkly. But I have to admit, they're more suitable to a bridal gown, so wear them with care.

Image from Shabby Apple

But I also love ornate pieces.
Image from Social Tools

Please have a read at all the tips in Shabby Apple as to how to wear a brooch, and the various creative ways you can use them to spice up your outfits.

Jumble and Pearls


Are you into vintage fashion? Jumble and pearls sale - mixture of designer labels and vintage fashion jumble sale.

What: Jumble and Pearls sale
Where: Albert and Pearl's parlour room, Upper Street, Islington
When: 6 February 2010 12-5pm. free entry
More info from Albert and Pearl website.

Dreaming of Quilts and Blankets


Waking up to snow, frost and rain had me looking up blankets and quilts. Not really helping to wake me up, all I want to do now is pop back into bed under my heaps of duvets and fleecey throws.

For the longest time, I wanted to learn how to sew. I am still looking for evening classes in my area and I am not having much luck. I dream of creating a patchwork of blue vintage toile, and these pictures are inspirations.

Image from Pine Cone Hill
Image from Bells of Suffolk



Lion head


There is something romantic with aged iron. The patina it develops from exposure to the elements. I thought this would look lovely as a huge door knocker, maybe on a huge garden door.

Now how to pry it off the docks near Blackfriars?

Kerosene Lamps


Brans new kerosene lamps from EC21

I've always loved colonial style, and a kerosene lamp is a perfect accessory. But I would love them old and well-used. Though would think twice about using them myself.

I've seen them in old Spanish homes. And we've used hurricane lantern type ones through the black outs and brown outs (power outages) in Manila. It does remind me of home, even the noxious kerosene smell...