I'll get one please...

James Salomon photographs via Desire to Inspire

Salvaged Style from Apartment Therapy


I do like the sofa and chairs. More for it's structure than it's comfort. If I had this, it wouldn't be my main seating area. I love looking at the newspapered wall, though I doubt I would replicate this in my place as it will look cramped.

I took the house tour. And this house is calling out to me. I love the nostalgia it exudes. Sparsely furnished in some areas (as I like it). And with lovely touches of salvaged trinkets here and there.

Las Corridas
Image from Apartment Therapy

own a santorini home



There is quite a lot of abandoned/unused houses in Santorini.....Just waiting for you perhaps? Imagine, a holiday home overlooking the caldera and a private balcony to view the famous Santorini sunsets. hmmmm. But I still wonder how they get through the rainy seasons there. I'd probably be forever slipping on those marble steps.



What I loved most about Athens are the quaint streets that takes you back, quite literally, in time...

The huge amount of antiquities, and you can't help but imagine what it would have been like to lived during the times when Zeus was worshipped and these ruins are still gleaming.
Maybe it was something like this. All white and shiny...
But amidst all that splendour, there is still find time to see the beauty in the not so beautiful (can I pry those shutters off?)....

Delinquent blogger


Delinquent blogger on the loose...ok I haven't blogged in like 2 weeks now. But busy is a good thing right? So far, I have been on holiday in Athens and Santorini and came back to London feeling like I was still in Greece - it was that hot here.

...promise to come back with pictures from Greece.