The start of a love affair

Ok. I think that was an overly dramatic title. But I feel like I need to christen this blog with an explanation as to how it all started for me.

I've always loved decorating as far as I can remember. I would rearrange the furnitures in my room as a teenager. I would sometimes wreak havoc in the family rooms as well, much to my mom's dismay. My dad would consult me when he buys stuff and starts projects. We would try every corner of the room just to find a place for a single vase. I trawled home magazines, dreaming it was my home.

I never really thought I had enough knack to make it as a career though. It was something just for me, for my space. Decorating has become something really personal.

Now, I look back and realised that I've always been drawn to cosy, homey places. Old barns, Victorians, churches and palaces. I have secretly enjoyed the confusing hallways of old country houses we've been to. I've discovered markets and carboot sales and find myself dreaming how I can use discarded treasures as my own. I've discovered antique shops and just learn to gaze longingly and to never look at price tags lest I faint.

I think it's just inspiring. To look at things that have already stood the test of time. To find another use for something. To look at imperfections and only see character and maybe stories of what they were before it came to you. And to know that you are going to add your stories to for someone else to discover.

Yes, it's overly dramatic. But how else could you describe your passion?