Books deserve better than that

Sorting by colours. Please tell me how you can find books if you organise them this way? This tells me that aesthetics are more important to you than what the books actually contains.

Image from Apartment Therapy 

Making decors out of books. Well...maybe if it was a trashy novel. But, I would rather donate to a charity shop. (Where they can end up as kindling)

Image from Trends Updates 

Covering them up. Tell me again, how would you know what book is under that cover? I guess, you can always write or print the title on that cover.

Image from TimeOut Chicago 

Placing objects on top of piled up books. Whilst we all have books we'd probably not read again for a long time, this tells me you don't want those books to be picked up and read at all by anyone. Well, I might be wrong, that fan doesn't look too heavy.