Apples and apple cakes

I do like them. But I am just way too lazy to eat them. They're more than just good for me, it eases my period pains a lot (ok, a bit too much information for some of you). Whenever I see them starting to go bad in my countertops, I bake an apple cake.

Not really home designs nor vintage love. But there is something grandmotherly about apple cakes and apple pies.

I follow the recipe at All Recipes. But I halve the sugar and use brown sugar instead of caster (but I like my cakes not too sweet). I use about 5 gala apples, roughly only 300g all cored and chopped. And I never put salt in my cakes (some of you might disagree on that, but I do that when I bake for myself. I don't notice the difference anyway!).

This is a very gooey cake, and will easily fall apart. But I soon forget that when I settle down with it my tea.