Of old letters and religion

It was only recently that I've known of the story of behind this religious statuette of Jesus. It has always sat in the mantel at my grandmother's home, right next to my grandfather's photo.

My grandfather's letter tells a story. He found a religious scapular  by the road and this has been with him for years. It has made him well, quite miraculously, after a nervous breakdown. Saved his life, whilst people around him died (I have assumed this was during the second world war). He has looked all over the country for a scapular just like it so he can give away to friends and family and found none. He made a promise, to have a statue made in its honour if he can manage to raise all his children and give them a good life in the midst of all the hardships during the war. The statue was hand-carved, based from the image in the scapular. My grandfather had it made after a few years living with my uncle and his family in the US.

I love stories. I love family stories. I wished it was one of those my grandmother told me whilst she was still alive.