Reykjavik: Part 1

I had a few days off and what better to spend the winter than experiencing the cold as near the Arctic as possible, right? Yes, a lot have laughed at my holiday idea. But I was the one laughing back as Iceland was actually warmer than London the first couple of days I was there (and snow was wrecking havoc in London). It was below 0 the next days but it is still not as freezing as I have expected. Temperature only went as low as -6(but it is still the coldest place I've been to).

And it seems that vintage and antiques are well and alive in Reykjavik, occupying several shops in the premier shopping district in Laugavegur. Look at the shops I spied.

This bookshop is one I would love to get lost in. Thousands of volumes. Quite a lot in languages I don't understand. Organised like an unloved library, there are books on the floor in the corners, some in dust and cobwebs. They're right across the street from the hotel where I stayed. But I've never seen them open. sigh

Posh-looking antique shop. I can only look through the window, as always.

This is in the other end of Laugavegur, nearer the harbour. I grew up with religious statues and icons. And this just brings me back (though I know there are people who are freaked out by religious statues).

There's actually a few vintage clothing shops in Laugavegur. This is one of them.

Tomorrow, a cafe and a seafood shack as well as houses I would love to move in to.