Reykjavik: Part 2

I had coffee and the most delicious-smelling waffles in Reykjavik's oldest coffeehouse - Tiu Dropar. I've learned a new way of eating waffles by watching the locals - cut off a square at a time and dunk it in syrup/cream/chocolate sauce (each square was a biteful, so it was a huge waffle). Ok, that might not be new for some of you, but I always attack my waffles however which way. Some of the locals came in with their knitting as they catch up with friends over coffee or tea. The interiors were kitschy, using lots of old teapots, old lamps, antique framed photos of maps, tables and chairs.

This is inside Saegrefinn, a seafood shack by the harbour. They're famed for their fish and lobster soup and grilled fish skewers. Point what you like from the fridge and they'll grill it for you. Not sure if the stuffed animals qualify as vintage?

And I love Scandinavian houses - peaked roofs, balconies, huge windows, steps to the front door.