What you won't see here

Maybe it's because I'm no designer. But I think there are some words that keeps popping up throughout the various design sites that I visit. And they annoy me.

Pop of colour. I do get it. A red cushion in a sea of creams and white interior. The colour does pop. But I would rather say it's unexpected or adds a touch of colour.

Curated. A curator is to a museum. They actually do a lot of research and work. As opposed to those who 'curated' a collection of stuff for a shop window. Don't tell me that if they 'curated' that it means they are a curator? Please. Don't cheapen the word. And I am so not alone on this one.

Vintage knockoffs. Or antique reproductions. Why buy something new that looks old? Is it just for the sense of irony? Maybe antiques are a bit out of reach for most of us. But there are plenty of good second hand and vintage items out there that makes buying a repro so wrong. But if a make a mistake of posting a picture of a repro mistaking it for a 'real' old item, do let me know!